Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 7/21/2016 #food

My friend Tiffany's Taco Soup

Well it looks like summer is in full swing here. Again today we were hit with another critical alert from our electric company. Another 42 cent/kwh rate day.

That is exactly why we started really looking hard for good crock pot meals. Tonight’s has moved into the realm of a family favorite. In fact, Jaque said that when our son came into the kitchen and smelled it cooking he said something like “oh good, I love that chili”. Well we don’t call it that but it is just as good as a bowl of chili. What we had was Tiffany’s Taco Soup.

It’s such a simple recipe. But oh so flavorful we can’t thank Tiffany enough for sharing it with us…..unless of course she could get a copy of that bread pudding recipe for us…..You know which one we are talking about Tiff 🙂



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