Guess #whatsfordinner 3/31/2016

So tonight was a definite easy meal. Apple Pork Roast in a crock pot that does all the work. This is the first time I have tried this particular recipe, but it turned out quite good. It was so flavorful! The difference in the recipe was the Continue reading “Guess #whatsfordinner 3/31/2016”


#groceryshopping results for the #menuplan for the week of 3/27/2016 and 4/3/2016

So how did we do this week at meeting our goal of staying under $200 for 2 weeks dinners. Quite well! After making our menus, compiling our shopping list, and reviewing the weeks ads we decided Continue reading “#groceryshopping results for the #menuplan for the week of 3/27/2016 and 4/3/2016”

Menu for Week Starting 3/27/2016

Sorry this is late we had company the latter part of this week and over the weekend. It was enjoyable though.

So whats on tap for this week. Lots of good stuff. This week I thought we would try a new dish Paprika Chicken with a Fresh Pasta side dish. We always have Pasta left over so I got to wondering, what could we do with it? Continue reading “Menu for Week Starting 3/27/2016”