Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 7/25/2016 #food

When the temps start getting as high as they have been we will do anything possible to keep the heat out of the house.

Recently we discovered grilled foil packets because they don’t heat up the house. As it turns out the whole family loves them, and there is NO MESS (that is the best part, really).

There really isn’t much to them– they are so easy to do! You just throw all the food in, fold it up and put it over a grill, a campfire, or even in the oven

Tonight we tried a Cajun-Style Grilled Foil Packet.

Not only was there virtually no mess when making them– there was no mess when EATING from them either!

You can eat them right out of the foil packet, crumple up the foil, and throw it away.

What is more they would  be the perfect meal for camping. You can prepare the packets ahead of time and throw them on the fire when you get to your campsite… again, no mess.



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