Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 7/17/2016 its #food

So this evening we tried a couple of new recipes.

Unfortunately, we thought the servings would be a little bigger than they turned out to be. In reality they both made great side dishes.

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Menu for Week Starting 7/17/2016

This week we have a full week of dinner menus. Normally, the weekends are ‘fluid’ and we don’t really have anything planned. That means we usually end up eating out at least one meal. Usually Sunday.

Well this week summer is forecast to be hitting hard and that means the A/C will be running full tilt. So we need to start planning now for that huge electric bill that will be coming shortly.

So this week we have several new crock pot (or slow cooker) meals at the beginning of the week and we will end the week by grilling, in fact we will be ‘batch’ grilling the meat for several meals for the weekend and next week come Friday.

Here is what we have to look forward too:

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A week in review – #recipes in our #menu

This week we again deviated just a little from our “Summer Electric Plan.” We found a great deal on a ham this week. Even though it does require using the oven to prep it the first day we were able to use it for several dishes later in the week. Some things are just worth it. Ham is one of those things

Besides that we were able to make up for it with several ‘no cook’, microwave, and  crock pot dishes during the week.

What is nice is that we are finding that even though we are using these alternate cooking methods we aren’t really having to sacrifice flavor. All of the dishes we had this week were delicious.

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