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Couldn’t agree more with this post.

Growing up with a mother who couponed like a fiend made me forever averse to creating a grocery list centered exclusively upon sale items. Not only is the process tedious and time-consuming, but it also forces you to buy larger quantities of food than you need. All of these extra items then must either be […]

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Why my kids don’t allow couponing

People love coupons, in fact one site reports that anywhere for 81%-96% of Americans report using coupons. If that is the case we are in the minority, but why? Clipping coupons is usually the first thing that comes to mind when people think of saving on the grocery budget. Why don’t we use them more? Continue reading “Why my kids don’t allow couponing”

Rubbing it in – Grilling Tips #barbecue

In the United States Grilling is a point of pride with everyone wanting their own signature twist on a rub or sauce. Usually they call it their secret and are unwilling to share. Some have even been known to take their recipe to the grave with them.

I don’t get it. I love grilling and I love sharing. Really what does it matter if someone copies a recipe. If you believe Charles Caleb Colton then you believe that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

I’m still working on coming up with a “signature rub” of my own. In the mean time, I found this guide that provides a great starting place for developing your own. What follows is the gist of the article along with other information I found: Continue reading “Rubbing it in – Grilling Tips #barbecue”

Grocery Shopping while #budgeting

As mentioned in several of our recent blog entries we have started altering our cooking methods to try and adjust to the inevitable rise in our electric bill as summer gets along.

Altering our cooking methods though, is only one way we try and budget for those inevitable rises the electric bill. No matter what we do inside the house the temperatures will rise outside and so will the electric bill. This is a known seasonal happening and must be properly dealt with to stay on our household budget.

With this inevitable seasonal increase how can one stay on the over all budget? Continue reading “Grocery Shopping while #budgeting”

Bring on the Flavor – Grilling Tips #barbecue

For those of us who enjoy grilling one of the primary reasons we like it is the wonderfully complex flavors that can only be achieved via this method of cooking. Who doesn’t love that unique combination of sweet, smoky, and spicy that can only come from the perfect grilling session.


However, more is needed than simply dropping a piece of meat on the grill and slathering it with a little sauce. Sure you can get an acceptable burger that way but for a really great experience a little more technique is needed using marinades, rubs, and a good sauce.

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Don’t forget the Sides – Grilling Tips #barbecue


For any grilling session to be a success it must be accompanied by great side dishes. The most succulent and perfectly grilled chicken or steak will ultimately fail as a meal with out great complimentary dishes.

Here are some sides we have found that we enjoy with our grilled items.

We have also included a few appetizer recipes to keep the party flowing while grilling.

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Manage the Beast – Grilling Tips #barbecue

One area where a gas grill has a clear advantage over charcoal, is temperature control.

If you use a gas grill you’ve probably already got a handle, or dial,  on this beast.

If, however, you are like us and prefer the taste charcoal produces, this can be a bit of a challenge.

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Fired up – Grilling Tips #barbecue

The debate still rages. Is it ‘better’ to grill with gas or charcoal?

We prefer charcoal. It is true that gas burns cleaner. Charcoal produces more carbon monoxide among other soot causing materials. From a taste perspective we feel charcoal produces a richer and smokier taste.

So how do you start it? Seems like a ‘no brainer’ doesn’t it. Believe it or not

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Gluten Free help request #celiac

Walk down the aisle of the grocery store and you’ll likely see the words “gluten free”. Pick up a magazine while your in the check out line and you will likely see some celebrity decrying the evils of gluten. In some ways it has almost developed into a fad in some cases with an almost cult mentality.

By at least one estimate as many as 18 million Americans have gluten sensitivity. For about 1% of the population this is a real problem as it can cause celiac disease. This condition is truly horrible. I have niece who suffers Continue reading “Gluten Free help request #celiac”

The Right Spice — Your Kitchen Prescription

When we first started cooking we received a wonderful give of a spice rack fully loaded (actually a couple of them).

They were a loving and wonderful gift. Albeit, completely mysterious. It might as well have been an alchemists chemistry set.

As nice as it was it didn’t tell us what spice goes with what cuisine.

Take a look at this wonderful article for a nice beginners guide to spices Continue reading “The Right Spice — Your Kitchen Prescription”