Vegetable Stock – Budget Friendly

It seems like every time we go grocery shopping we have to toss out a few leftover vegetables that have started to go limp after two weeks in the fridge. Not much, just a few stalks of celery, a handful of baby carrots. Maybe a little parsley.

It also seems like an awful waste to toss our those vegetables. What could we do with them? Well we often have a need to buy stock for various dishes especially soups. So it seems like there might be a great opportunity here.

Why not make vegetable stock from them? In fact, the more I investigated the idea the more frugal and practical it seems. Because even the trimmings from vegetables used during the week can be used. The stems of various herbs, the root end of an onion and other trimmings from an onion, etc. can all be put into baggies and frozen until enough accumulates to make stock.

The options seem endless.  One recommendation I did see, though, is to be careful to keep the flavor of the stock fairly neutral flavor. As some recipes may not combine well with a strongly spiced stock. For instance, you may not want a lot of garlic in a stock you might want to use in soup. However, another dish might benefit from such a stock. Well it is easy enough to add it, but you can’t take it away once it is there.

So below is a simple neutral recipe:
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Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 6/30/2016 #food

Tonight we hit the last of our “Asian Theme Week” dinners. I know we actually have another dinner planned tomorrow night. But because we had company we used a little extra chicken for that meal and are going to run short. So the Kowloon Chicken will have to wait.

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Spencer’s Revenge

Several years ago on a family outing our son, a preteen at the time, fell. As he reached out to break his fall his hand landed on a Prickly Pear Cactus. It was a sad occasion but we decided to try and have some fun with it. So, when I found out about a recipe for a salsa that incorporates cactus, nopalitos, we decided to try it.  Over the years the recipe has changed a little to our personal tastes.

(Here is a hint on how to remove the tiny hairlike cactus needles from your skin. We used this and it did a pretty good job.)
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Butternut squash soup

I often get this kind of soup at work and really enjoy it. For such a rich and delicious dish this is a surprisingly easy soup to make.

This recipe came from Visit them for many more great recipes. Thanks for posting it.

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