Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 7/20/2016 its #food

Last night we mentioned we got a ‘critical alert’ from our ‘Smart Hours’ thermostat. Between the hours of 2 and 7 p.m. we were told the electric rate for this evening would be 42 cents per kwh.

That is why we adjusted our menu so that we could prep a delicious meal using a crock pot. The great thing about cooking in a slow cooker or crock pot is that most of the cooking is done well before the higher rates start. Once they do start, a crock pot only used a tiny bit of electricity and generates very little heat, at least when compared to an oven.
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Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 7/19/2016 its #food


That doesn’t look much like Black Bean Soup with Rice. Your right.

We’ve mentioned before that we participate in our electric companies ‘Smart Hours’ program. Between the hours of 2 and 7 p.m. the adjust their rates based on demand. This evening that rate was  18 cents per kwh. If they predict what they call a ‘critical’ rate they notify us in advance. Tonight they predicted the rate for tomorrow to be 42 cents per kwh  Continue reading “Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 7/19/2016 its #food”

Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 6/24/2016 its #latino

Final day of our “Latin Theme Week” dinners. Its been fun to try new dishes

Tonight our culinary adventure brought us home to the United States. Specifically, Texas, for classic Tex-Mex cuisine.

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Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 6/23/2016 its #latino

Day 4 of our “Latin Theme Week” dinners. Just one day left for this menu. That’s kind of sad. Its been fun to try new dishes

Tonight our culinary adventure took us to back to Mexico. One of the classic dishes from mexico, one of either  Puebla, Oaxaca, or Tlaxcala, is Mole’. Mole’ is an ancient work for mix which is appropriate as it is a mixture of chili’s, chocolate, and various spices.

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Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 6/8/2016 its #tacos

Yesterday we made Apple Pork Roast with the plan to have leftovers. The nice thing about left over roast is it is so versatile. Its almost a blank canvas. A little of this spice or a little of that one and you have a whole new dish.  Continue reading “Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 6/8/2016 its #tacos”

Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 5/17/2016 its #mexican

Tonight was Mexican night again. We have had this menu before. And as usual we love it. We had Chicken Enchiladas, Corn Salsa and an Avocado Tomato Salad. Jaque always does a great job with her enchiladas. The last time we had this the Corn Salsa and Avocado Tomato Salad were new for us. Continue reading “Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 5/17/2016 its #mexican”

Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 4/27/2016 #food

Tonight was Taco Salad night. We love taco salad. Its quick. Its easy. And its tasty. Tonight I thought I would get ahead of the game and make the shells. This is the first time I have done it and I don’t know why I haven’t done it before! Continue reading “Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 4/27/2016 #food”

Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 4/19/2016 #food #TacoTuesday #Mexican

So many restaurants around town have Taco Tuesdays. So it sounded like a great idea. Start with Pork Carnitas made marinated in the slow cooker and you have the basis for a flavorful, easy and delicious dinner. Turn those into Continue reading “Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 4/19/2016 #food #TacoTuesday #Mexican”