How to Scale a recipe #cooking

Have you ever had one of those moments when you try a recipe and it is just so good you have to make it for your friends. Then you realize it’s written for the wrong number of people. It’s written for 4 but you have 11 that you want to have at the dinner party.

What do you do?

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Kitchen Conversion Charts #cooking

With the internet has come the opportunity for sharing just about every form of information, including recipes. It’s a wonderful and exciting opportunity to experience all sorts of cuisine, if we are brave enough to prepare them. Dishes we would otherwise probably never have the chance too try. Sometimes though its a challenge. In the U.S. we tend to measure things by volume. Most every where else they measure by weight. Either way its sometimes a challenge to convert. Below you will find several charts for common measurements. Enjoy. Continue reading “Kitchen Conversion Charts #cooking”