Fish escabeche (Hot marinated fish)

Submitted on 6/13/2016 by Natascha for Latin week (week starting 6/19/2016)

Author bio: I am a Canadian English teacher living in Spain. Cooking is my hobby!

Natascha also has her own blog that we follow, Natascha’s Palace, where she posts many delicious recipes. Its a site well worth visiting.

Thank you, Natascha

Recipe country of origin: Peru

Description: This is a simple and quick recipe that uses hake or cod and vegetables. The method of preparation is very popular in Spain as well. The vegetables still maintain their fresh crunchiness and taste so good! I used some small sweet peppers that I found in the supermarket but as these are not always available, I recommend using half of a large sweet red, yellow and green pepper. The colours look just gorgeous on the plate! As for the fish, you can use almost any white fish of your choice. My fish was cod and I was very careful to remove the bones first. It is a good idea to have some crusty bread to dip into the gorgeous sauce. Continue reading “Fish escabeche (Hot marinated fish)”


Slow Cooker Chicken Tinga

Submitted on 6/12/2016 by John for Latin week (week starting 6/19/2016)

Author bio: Contributing Author for

Recipe country of origin Mexico

Description: Chicken Tinga is a simple dish that can easily be made in a slow cooker it consists of shredded chicken slowly cooked in a sauce of fresh ripe tomatoes, chipotle chilies and other spices.

This dish can easily be used for many different meals, tacos, burrito filling, tostadas, let your imagination run wild.

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Thai Noodles

I don’t know if this recipe is really an authentic Thai recipe. But we were told it was.

Not to long after we got married an older couple used to invite us over on the weekends for dinner and games. He was friends with a Thai Restaurant owner and got him to share one of their “family” recipes. When we visited we would all get together and prep the vegetables and spices. Afterwards he would do the stir frying and then we would all sit down for a nice evening of food and games.

I don’t really know what the name of the dish is but we just call it Continue reading “Thai Noodles”