Planting Companions — Garden Snips #healthyliving

This is a great companion planting reference chart from Gardensnips

The interactions between garden plants have not been extensively studied in carefully controlled trials, so there isn’t much hard scientific data on the abilities of different species to help (or hurt) each other when they’re grown close together. But over the years, gardeners’ observations have formed a body of advice that’s impressive enough to be […]

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Creole Garden #healthyliving

Finally, I have come to the culmination of all my research on pesticide free herbs and vegetables. It’s called a Creole Garden. and described as follows in this article on, “When you walk by a Creole garden, you may feel drawn to enjoy its beauty up close. Once inside, you can admire blossoms and leaf arrangements as the sun highlights their colors. Meanwhile, the breeze stirs a mixture of fragrances that bottled perfume cannot imitate.”  Continue reading “Creole Garden #healthyliving”

Pesticide free herbs and vegetables: Cover Crops #healthyliving

This is the third post I’ve done on this topic. Each of these posts looked at a different aspect of the complex topic of  integrated pest management. The first was about companion planting and looked at planting different plants next to each other to take advantage of their symbiotic qualities. The second,  Predators are your friends, looked at using keeping the harmful pest population down to acceptable levels by using their natural enemies against them. Continue reading “Pesticide free herbs and vegetables: Cover Crops #healthyliving”

Pesticide free herbs and vegetables: Predators are your friends #healthyliving

In my previous post on this topic I talked about companion planting. In that post it was mentioned that plants alone rarely solve the problem. However, taking an integrated pest management approach using several earth friendly methods can go along way. Continue reading “Pesticide free herbs and vegetables: Predators are your friends #healthyliving”

Pesticide free herbs and vegetables: Companion Planting #healthyliving

Who can deny that fresh home grown vegetables are the absolute best?

But if you are like me, you often have problems with pests, like aphids.


If you too are concerned about the dangers of pesticides then you would probably like to try a natural remedy Continue reading “Pesticide free herbs and vegetables: Companion Planting #healthyliving”