Guess #whatsfordinner (well lunch) tonight 7/9/2016 #food

So at the beginning of the week we made Smoked Brisket.

The thing about brisket, though, is that you have to make so much. Ours was 12 pounds. Granted we had friends over but that still worked out to 2 pounds each. Way more meat than anyone needs in one sitting. So we set some aside for lunches and dinner Friday night.

Friday night though we ended up getting dinner out with family. So we shifted that meal to lunch today. It was a simple lunch of Brisket Sandwiches, Pasta Salad, and Corn on the Cob.

The Brisket Sandwich was really easy. We just picked up some Hamburger Buns, grabbed the last of the Smoked Brisket, then we grabbed the condiments from the fridge (Mayo, BBQ sauce, etc) so that each of us could make our own sandwich.

The Pasta Salad was our simple pasta salad.

The corn was equally as simple. Just bring some water to a boil. Shut the fire off and drop the corn in. Then pull it out when its done and your ready to eat.

Delicious anytime.


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