#groceryshopping results for the #menuplan for the weeks of 7/4/2016 and 7/11/2016

We did our shopping a little different this week. There are a couple of new ‘cost plus’ stores that have opened near by. So far we haven’t seen any ads ran for these stores so while we were out one evening we stopped by to see what they were all about. In the end those stops decided what we put on our menus for the weeks starting  Menu for Week Starting 7/4/2016 and  7/11/2016

With the holiday this first week we wanted to do some grilling and usually the local markets put meats on sale for the 4th of July for that reason. Well, this week the new CashSaver store had their brisket on sale, almost $1 per pound cheaper than the next cheapest store we found.

After we left there with our bargain in hand, we realized that we needed lunch items for the day so we stopped at the next store, Buy4Less, we found they had bone in ham on special, similarly priced way under every one else. That find formed the foundation for our next weeks menu. While we were there we also picked up a pressed ham that we ran through a slicer to make lunch meat for the next couple of weeks.

So this is how we ended up doing

$ 25.99 – CashSaver (12lbs brisket)
$ 29.28 – Buy4Less (Ham and lunch items)
$ 39.51 – Sprouts

$104.72 – Crest
$199.50 – Grand Total

$ 0.50 – Under Budget

That works out to just under $4.98  per serving

While we were close we did stay on budget. But what impressed us was the amount of meat we ended up with. By the time we are done cutting it down and freezing it we should be able to have plenty for lunches and dinners even in the weeks to come. Hopefully, we will come in well under budget for those weeks. Stay tuned to see 🙂




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