Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 7/4/2016 its a #Grilling

So today was a day off for us due to the holiday here in the U.S. So we thought we would spend a little time with friends enjoying good company and conversation.

As seems to be the custom in most places, this type of activity revolves around food. With time off who can resist the opportunity to do a little grilling out, actually this time it is smoking meat. We though we would provide the main course and one of the sides and our friends said they would bring additional sides, and did they!!!!

We decided to prepare a smoked brisket and potato salad.

The brisket really turned out well. I hadn’t used this version of the rub before. But, it really worked well with the brisket and Hickory wood. I think it is just about ready for keeping.

But the real hit for us were the sides our friends brought. They brought over some Bacon Wrapped corn, Green Beans with Mushrooms, and delicious dressed sweet cherry tomatoes.

(I hope they will share the recipes. So I can share them with you. They were all fabulous!!)





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