Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 6/30/2016 #food

Tonight we hit the last of our “Asian Theme Week” dinners. I know we actually have another dinner planned tomorrow night. But because we had company we used a little extra chicken for that meal and are going to run short. So the Kowloon Chicken will have to wait.

Tonight though we had a delicious Thai Chicken Soup, yes Thai again 🙂 . It reminded me in many ways of Tom Yum soup. Tom Yum is usually a seafood soup. Though I have had a chicken version. The Thai Chicken Soup uses a little fish sauce which could be why there is some similarity. In addition, this soup uses lime for its citrus notes, Tom Yum uses lemon grass, as well as lime juice and Kaffir Lime leaves.

Over all, we all really liked it. If you haven’t tried it and you like Tom Yum I think you will love this too.




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