Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 6/29/2016 #food

We’ve hit mid-week on our “Asian Theme Week” dinners. And, yes, again tonight was  Thai dish. Like we said before we love Thai.

Back in May we had this dish for the first time. The kind folks from  The Richmond Avenue shared this recipe for Continue reading “Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 6/29/2016 #food”


Grocery Shopping while #budgeting

As mentioned in several of our recent blog entries we have started altering our cooking methods to try and adjust to the inevitable rise in our electric bill as summer gets along.

Altering our cooking methods though, is only one way we try and budget for those inevitable rises the electric bill. No matter what we do inside the house the temperatures will rise outside and so will the electric bill. This is a known seasonal happening and must be properly dealt with to stay on our household budget.

With this inevitable seasonal increase how can one stay on the over all budget? Continue reading “Grocery Shopping while #budgeting”