Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 6/23/2016 its #latino

Day 4 of our “Latin Theme Week” dinners. Just one day left for this menu. That’s kind of sad. Its been fun to try new dishes

Tonight our culinary adventure took us to back to Mexico. One of the classic dishes from mexico, one of either  Puebla, Oaxaca, or Tlaxcala, is Mole’. Mole’ is an ancient work for mix which is appropriate as it is a mixture of chili’s, chocolate, and various spices.

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Fired up – Grilling Tips #barbecue

The debate still rages. Is it ‘better’ to grill with gas or charcoal?

We prefer charcoal. It is true that gas burns cleaner. Charcoal produces more carbon monoxide among other soot causing materials. From a taste perspective we feel charcoal produces a richer and smokier taste.

So how do you start it? Seems like a ‘no brainer’ doesn’t it. Believe it or not

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