#groceryshopping results for the #menuplan for the weeks of 6/20/2016 and 6/27/2016

Our menu plans for this two weeks includes our Theme weeks for Latin Theme Week and Asian Theme Week.

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A week in review – #recipes in our #menu

This we are really trying to get into the swing of our “Summer Electric Plan.” The goal of the “Summer Electric Plan” is to focus on cooking methods that don’t heat up the interior of the house. Primarily, using Grilling, Crock Pot, Quick Stove top, and Microwave cooked dishes.

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Menu for Week Starting 6/27/2016

This week is also one of our “Theme Weeks.”

This week is Eastern Asian theme week. A good number of our dishes ended up hailing from Thailand.

As before our menu consists of several slow cooker meals and some quick stove top dishes so that we don’t heat the house during peak electric rates.
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Menu for Week Starting 6/20/2016

This week is our first “Theme Week.”

We would like to thank Natascha, a Canadian English teacher living in Spain, for her submission. The theme is Latin food. It includes recipes from Latin America (Mexico, Central and South America). We also are trying to limit these recipes to energy efficient cooking methods to fit into our “summer rates” menu planning.

Natascha gave us our dinner for Wednesday night, Fish escabeche (Hot marinated fish).

Natascha also has her own blog that we follow, Natascha’s Palace, where she posts many other delicious recipes. It’s a site well worth visiting.

This week we will be making several slow cooker meals so that we don’t heat the house during peak electric rates. The Fish escabeche (Hot marinated fish) isn’t one of those meals. However, fish cooks extremely quick on the stove top and the vegetables are only lightly cooked so that they still maintain their fresh crunchiness. So it qualifies as a quick stove top meal. It sounds delicious. I’m personally very excited to give it a try.
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