It’s almost here, 2 days left to submit your recipe for Theme Week

Don’t miss out.

Saturday (6/18/2016) at noon Central Time submission closes!!!

Submit your recipe before its too late.

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Spicy Cashew Chicken

Submitted on 6/9/2016 by John for Asian Theme Week (the week of 6/26/2016)

Author bio: Contributing Author for

Recipe country of origin China

Description: This is a Thai version of a Chinese recipe. You may have tried an Americanized version of this at The Cheesecake Factory.

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In need of Chinese 5 Spice? #cooking

During our “Theme Weeks” one of the weeks we chose to do was an “Asian Week.” As we started looking at many of the recipes I noticed several used Chinese Five Spice.

We occasionally have this in our pantry but not at the moment. The closest good Asian market we have is upwards of 15 miles away and we don’t make it over there often. So it would be nice to find out what is in Chinese Five Spice. Continue reading “In need of Chinese 5 Spice? #cooking”