Just 5 days left to submit your recipe for Theme Week

Join the fun before it is too late.

Yesterday (6/13/2016) Natascha from Natascha’s Palace posted a fantastic recipe

Fish escabeche
Fish escabeche

for Fish escabeche (Hot marinated fish) for our Latin week (week starting 6/19/2016).

Natascha is a Canadian English teacher living in Spain. Cooking is her hobby! She also has her own blog that we follow, Natascha’s Palace, where she posts many other delicious recipes. You should give her site a visit.

We had a lot of fun getting everything together for the post. I’m looking forward to trying the dish.

Next Saturday (6/18/2016) at noon Central Time submission closes!!!

Submit your recipe before time runs out.

Week one, Latin theme week will be a starting 6/19/2016

It will focus on recipes from Latin America (excluding the Caribbean. We’ll do a special week for that region in the future.)
(Mexico, Central and South America)

Week two, Eastern Asian theme week will be the week starting 6/26/2016

Consisting of Eastern Asian cuisine
(East Asian cuisines include Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, and Taiwanese food).

For more information and guidelines please read this post.

Remember, Please choose recipes that use the following cooking methods, as we are wanting to conserve electricity. Grilling/Crock Pot/Quick Stove top/Microwave 

To submit a recipe please fill out the following form. Qualifying recipes will be featured in a special Theme Week Gallery.




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