Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 6/14/2016 #barbecue

As we get into our “Summer Electric Plan” we decided to grill dinner tonight. As hot as it was today, around 91 real temperature and over 100 Fahrenheit heat index,  it was the perfect decision. Not only did we grill our primary dinner we did some ‘batch’ grilling so that we would have food ready for other meals and not have to heat up the house.

Our dinner for tonight was

Grilled Honey Garlic Pork Chops with Grilled Summer Vegetables and corn on the cob.

Enjoy! It was so easy to prepare both dishes. I mixed the marinade for the pork chops and let them marinate for 5 hours. Then a couple hours later I chopped the vegetables and mixed the marinade for them. Then by the time we were ready to grill they were both ready to cook. And the corn was just very simple and delicious.



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