Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 6/9/2016 its #healthy

Back in April I mentioned how as temperatures rise and the days get longer it seems like we are getting more and more active and want lighter meals. That is especially true now that temperatures are hitting the high 80’s and even low 90’s for us,  Asian fits the bill.

We have this wonderful Crocked Orange Chicken that is absolutely perfect for this time of year. Since it is cooked in a slow cooker it doesn’t heat up the house. Combine that with rice cooked in a rice maker and microwave version of Pea Pods with Carrots and voila! you have a budget friendly meal that is oh so good.

Most versions of orange chicken involve batter and deep frying. This one though, doesn’t.  It’s marinated in ginger and orange juice as is slowly cooks and tenderizes. So not only is the cooking method budget friendly from an energy standpoint, it is also budget friendly from a calorie standpoint. Serve with a little brown rice, top it with coconut, mandarin oranges and green onions and you have a beautiful light meal with little fuss. And oh so tasty!



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