Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 5/29/2016 its #Healthy

We usually eat out Sunday evenings but since last Friday we ended up eating out and Jaque wasn’t feeling well we decided to make the meal originally scheduled for Friday.

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Menu for Week Starting 5/29/2016

Last week we took a little winery trip to Stable Ridge Winery located on old route 66. There, as you may remember, we discovered a new wine, a lemon wine, called Soleil . So this week I am going to try and  use our Lemon Spaghetti with Chicken recipe as a basis for a new recipe using this wine. We will be trying that on Monday. Since it is a holiday here I should have time to think about it. Then on Friday we are going to try a recipe for Swedish Baked Potatoes the description given on the site My Extended Weekend just sounded irresistible.
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Organic, Natural or Pure – What’s the Difference? — A Little Detail

Eating right and staying healthy now a days can be very difficult, we are constantly being told what we should and shouldn’t eat, companies everywhere are making different beneficial claims for their products and we can get a little confused in the produce department when we see the words: ‘Organic’, ‘Pure’, ‘Natural’ and ‘Non GMO’. […]

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