Grilled Hamburgers

Who can resist a good barbecue grilled burger. We like ours simple. There is no need to add a whole lot of seasoning. Just use a good quality of meat grill and serve.

Servings: 4

1 pound ground beef, extra lean, Grilled
4 hamburger bun, mixed grain
4 servings dill pickle slices
4 servings lettuce
4 slices tomato
4 servings Miracle Whip®
Salt, pepper
Barbecue Sauce

Separate Hamburger into 4 equal size ball

Flatten into patties, salt and pepper both sides

Grill, a minute or two before flipping the burger top with barbecue sauce. Then a minute or two before removing from grill top the second side with barbecue sauce complete the cooking allowing the barbecue sauce to caramelize.

Add condiments as desired

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