How to buy a Pineapple


I’m always confused about how to pick out produce. It seems like every fruit and vegetable has its own method. And Pineapples really blew my mind.

It turns out its not really that hard  I just saw this post, How to buy a Pineapple,  come across twitter this morning from epicurious.

I always go for the least green ones thinking they weren’t as sweet as the golden ones. Interestingly the article said “Although it’s human nature to bypass the green ones in favor of the prettier golden ones, there’s simply no need to. When you buy a pineapple at the store, it’s as sweet as it going to get. “Once it’s taken off the plant, it’s not gaining any sugars” ”

So what should you look for? As stated in the post “The pineapple’s top or crown should look vibrant, not wilted. “If the leaves are brown, loose, or falling out, that means it’s old,” says Dellerman, a third-generation citrus farmer who started growing pineapple in 2002.

Nor do you want fruit that feels spongy or has soft spots, which signals it’s been damaged or is already on the decline.

But do smell the bottom of the pineapple. It’s the sweetest spot on the fruit and should smell fragrant, Dellerman says.”

Read the full post here.


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