Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 5/21/2016 #food


Today we went for another drive. We had so much fun a couple of weeks back visiting local wineries we decided to give it another go. As we were looking for one to visit we discovered that there was one holding their Annual Spring Wine Festival this weekend. This winery, Nuyaka Creek Winery, has been around for many years but we have never made it out to visit, it was never on our path. Even their own web site says “Nuyaka Creek Winery is not “on-the-way”. It is small and hard to find, but worth the trip for wine.”

End of the Road

They didn’t exaggerate after traveling over an hour we came to the edge of the world :-). Actually just the last of the paved roads. From there  it was another 4.5 miles on unpaved roads.

Nuyaka Creek Pond.jpg

As they said it was well worth the trip. Lots of beautiful scenery and wine to drink. There were approximately 30 wines in their cellar. Made using classic wine grapes from their own vineyards, native wild fruits, and orchard fruits. Our favorite was their Petite Pecan – a sweet port style wine. While delicious, in our opinion, it was more of an aperitif than a wine.

After sampling the wines we then strolled around the grounds visiting the various pavilions and and enjoying the live music. One of the pavilions was for a particular worthy cause, Pug Hollow Sanctuary. Pug Hollow is a home based Hospice and long term care sanctuary for small dogs. This organization struck close to home for us as we have an elderly beagle of our own suffering the ill effects of old age. I was greatly surprised to find their only form of support is via fundraising and donations. Please consider donating to them at their youcaring page.

On our return trip we stopped by a second winery, Stable Ridge Winery located on old route 66. We have sampled their wines in the past and do enjoy several of them. Today we discovered a new wine, a lemon wine. They call it Soleil . It truly was like a taste of sunshine. As I sampled it I started thinking of how well this would work in a dish of some kind, maybe a Lemon Herb Cream sauce. I though maybe of pan frying boneless chicken breasts with a combination of herbs and black pepper and then using the Soleil to deglaze the pan, reducing it, and from there making the cream sauce and then serving it over pasta.



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