Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 5/21/2016 #food


Today we went for another drive. We had so much fun a couple of weeks back visiting local wineries we decided to give it another go. As we were looking for one to visit we discovered that there was one holding their Annual Spring Wine Festival this weekend. Continue reading “Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 5/21/2016 #food”


What if your out of self-rising flour? #cooking

Henry Jones of Bristo is credited with being the inventor of self rising flour. Author Eugene Byrne said ” A baker and confectioner in Broadmead (Bristol), Jones patented his self-raising flour in 1845.” He also applied for and received an American patent in 1849.

Interestingly, it was this event that created a whole new industry for pre-packaged mixes for breads, cakes, pancakes, etc. It was around this time too that U.S. flour companies wanted to market their self-rising flours using, Jones’ patent. One of the methods used to market their products was recipe writing, this method is still used to this day to give customers tasty uses for their wares.

So what was Mr. Jones’ recipe for self-rising flour? Continue reading “What if your out of self-rising flour? #cooking”