Picking and Using Herbs #Healthyliving

I’ve been working on putting in a Creole Garden with Herbs in it. Herbs offer a great opportunity to turn just about any ordinary meal into an extraordinary meal.

Of course if you are growing your own herbs you want to be sure that you get the most out out it. You want to pick it at the best time for both flavor and quality. You also want to store it in such a way that it says fresh the longest.

When to Pick Herbs

The ideal time for picking is in the morning after the dew has dried but before the sun gets hot. This helps ensure the best flavor and storage quality.

How to Store Fresh Herbs

Generally speaking their are two different kinds of herbs, tender and hardy. Each has its own preferred storage method.

Hardy Herbs are best kept moist and stored in the refrigerator. One method suggested for accomplishing this is to place the herbs in a single layer on a moist paper towel. Then rolling up the paper towel and putting it in a zip lock bag.

Tender Herbs should be treated a little more like flowers. Start by trimming off any old wilted and/or discolored leaves. Then placing them in a jar with an inch of water in the bottom and then cover the top of the jar with a lid or plastic bag sealed with a rubber band. Store them in the refrigerator. One exception to this is Basil which is best kept at room temperature but out of direct sunlight.

Below is a list of common herbs and their categorization:

Herb Herb Type
Parsley Tender
Cilantro Tender
Dill Tender
Mint Tender
Tarragon Tender
Chervil Tender
Basil Special
Rosemary Hardy
Thyme Hardy
Sage Hardy
Savory Hardy
Chives Hardy

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