A week in review – #recipes in our #menu

This week we started our culinary adventures in Asia. We tried a couple of familiar dishes while we were there and a new one provided by our friends at the The Richmond Avenue. From there we moved northward to Russia (at least for the side dish). While there we tried a great recipe from PetersFoodAdventures. Finally we came back across ‘the pond’ to the new world where we had some Tex-Mex and ended the week with a little time at the Farmers Market where we were inspired to come up with a recipe of our own.

Mongolian-BeefMonday we had Mongolian Beef with Stir Fried Vegetables

.We’ve only made these dishes a few times but they are delicious. There is quit a bit of prep involved with these dishes, with all the cutting of the vegetables and all. But in the end it is well worth the effort. I have to admit that I did skip blanching the vegetables. We were running out of ice so I adjusted by starting the stir fry with the harder vegetables first and ended with the more delicate ones. We did have enough ice though to do the velveting of the beef for the Mongolian Beef recipe. That method really helps. You should give it a try if you haven’t already .

Pad-Grapow-mealTuesday was Thai Basil Chicken with restaurant purchased side dishes

The Richmond Avenue gets credit for the inspiration for this meal. After I saw their post for Pad Grapow (Thai Basil Chicken) I just had to give it a try. I’m glad we did. I have since grabbed a copy of that recipe for safe keeping. We will be having that one again.

Salisbury_Steak_Mashed_Potatoes_PeasWednesday we went with a classic, Salisbury Steak with Mashed Potatoes and Fried Peas 

Yep you read that correctly, Fried Green Peas (Жареный зеленый горох). When I saw the post from PetersFoodAdventures I was reminded of my own experience as a kid with mushy boiled vegetables. I had never thought that peas could be done any other way. I’m glad we tried it. We all enjoyed them and will be having this dish again.

Taco-Salad-Spencers-RevengeThursday we kept it simple and had Taco Salad with Spencer’s Revenge

Thursdays are always so busy. We just have to keep things quick and simple. Taco Salad is about as simple as it gets. But you still have to ‘jazz’ it up a bit so this week we added Spencer’s Revenge. We got the name for this dish as a result of a childhood accident our son had with a cactus. You see cactus (nopalitos) is an ingredient in Spencer’s Revenge.

My friend Tiffany's Taco Soup
One of our families favorite recipes. Shared with me by my friend Tiffany. And it is super easy to make.

Friday – Tiffany’s Taco Soup

You just never know what will happen on the weekends when you have kids. This recipe is one of those that is super flexible. It is one of the few recipes we have that uses canned ingredients. But that is what makes it so good for a weekend. If you something comes up and you can’t make it nothing goes bad. On top of that IT IS SO TASTY.

Historic_Farmers_MarketSaturday – A trip to the Farmers Market

We decided to take a trip to the Farmers Market this week and see what was available. I was hoping to find some Strawberries but I guess it is still a little early here. But we did come away with a great find Chardonnay Jelly from WildHorseCanyonFarms and inspiration for a new dishPork Chops Broccoli Salad Potatoes Rosemary Chardonnay Pork Chops with Tossed Broccoli Salad and Roasted Potato Wedges. So Yummy.



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