Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 5/14/2016 #food

Usually we don’t have any specific meal planned on the weekends. This weekend is no exception. This morning though we took a little time to visit a couple of our local farmers markets, just to browse around and see what is in season. It’s really nice to see the revitalization of the Historic Oklahoma City Farmers Public Market. It was built in 1928 and fell into disrepair for a period of time. The new owners have done an admirable job restoring it. As it turns out it’s still a little early in the season here for a whole lot. Still it was a lot of fun.

We did come away with an idea for dinner though. We found one vendor from WildhorseCanyonFarms that make some absolutely delicious wines. Each of their wines are made with care by hand in small batches. And you can taste it in every bottle. As we spoke with them we were told that for the first couple of years they were making their wines they couldn’t sell them since they their license hadn’t been approved. Still bills have to be paid and they found a delectably way to use their product. They made syrups, jams and spreads with it. And they are great. We came away with the idea to use their Chardonnay Wine Jelly as a glaze for pork chops.

Pork Chops Broccoli Salad PotatoesSo we made Rosemary Chardonnay Pork Chops paired it with Tossed Broccoli Salad which provided a little bit of acidity to cut the sweetness of the Chardonnay Sauce and then added a side of Roasted Potato Wedges

For products from WildhorseCanyonFarms visit their web page or like them on their Facebook page



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