Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 5/7/2016 #food

Sometimes you just need some time off from the day to day, some ‘me time’ as a couple. Well today was that for us.

Oklahoma is blessed quite a bit with a growing agritourism economy. As unlikely as it seems this includes quite a number of vineyards and wineries. The climate here ranges from semi-arid in the west to humid subtropical in the east. With warm moist air being brought in from the Gulf of Mexico winters tend to be shorter and less severe than in more northern plains states. Periods of extreme cold lasting for more than a few days are quite rare. As a result many varieties of grapes suitable for wine thrive here.

Today we took the day off and went to visit a couple of the wineries. One we have been to before, because we loved several of their wines and another up and coming winery. Both of these wineries also have their own vineyards.


The first we visited, The Range, was the newest of the two. When we arrived we were immediately greeted by the vineyard owner. He was already doing a tasting for another couple but welcomed us and started us with our own tasting. It was great be able to talk to the owner. As he shared each of his 6 wines he also shared much of what he learned as he investigated land and varietal selection. Not just information about soil quality but information about where on the land to do the planting of the grapes themselves to avoid frost and the like. Not only was the conversation good but the wines were too. We especially enjoyed the “Jackwagon” – a Traminette wine.


Where else in the world can you go and watch cattle roam past a vineyard?

Woods-and-Waters-1The next winery we visited, Woods and Waters, is a more established one that we have visited in the past. They produce a much larger selection of wines to choose from. In the past we found we really enjoyed their “Eiswien Ice Wine”, Gewurztraminer, and Chocolate Cabernet. Today we discovered a delicious new dessert wine a twist on the Chocolate Cabernet, they now have a Chocolate Strawberry Cabernet.  

In addition to all of their wonderful wines they have a beautiful dining room and patio that overlook a pond and vineyards.Woods-and-Waters-Dining-Room.jpg

We spent quite a bit of time here trying their wines and sharing a delicious steak dinnerSteak.jpg

Chef Jeff, trained at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, prepared a succulent steak and an absolutely luscious baked potato. If you are paying attention you probably notice the I committed a wine sin. At least from a sommeliers point of view. I paired a white wine with a steak. But to be fair it is a Gewurztraminer. It’s a rather full bodied white wine with a nice peppery finish that I actually enjoy with steak.


As good as the steak was on its own Chef Jeff prepared his own wine sauce that was the perfect complement to the well seasoned steak.


As we sat and enjoyed the meal and exceptional service from the staff we were entertained by the scenery and wildlife. As we watched the breeze dance across the surface of the pond we enjoyed watching sandpipers skip across the lawn as humming birds darted in and out of view taking in their own dinner.

All and all a well deserved day for just the two of us.

Tomorrow we will make the Mongolian Beef and Stir Fried Vegetables. For now we will just enjoy the memories of the evening and relax.




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