Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 5/2/2016 #food

Its been a while since we have had a meal that was this well received. We have had the the main part of the meal before, the Coconut Curry Chicken. But this time I cooked it a little different. In the past I seared the chicken and then finished it with the curry and coconut milk at the same temp reducing the milk to thicken it and then served it with rice.

This time, however, I decided not to serve it with rice but instead to make Zucchini Pancakes. I knew it would take some time to prep the pancakes since it was the first time to make them. As before I seared the chicken, added the curry and coconut milk and then this time lowered the temp so it could simmer while I prepped the rest of the meal. It was a good choice. I think it mellowed the curry some making it more palatable.

Oh and the Zucchini Pancakes were killer. We will be doing that again. The family actually raved about them. Thank to PassionCook for a great idea.


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