Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 4/29/2016 #food

Tornadoes, and Thunder, and Hail, oh my. Yep, its spring in Tornado Alley. With all the storms blowing through we thought it would be smart to make a change in our menu for tonight. With the storms coming through you never know when you will need to seek shelter.

We were supposed to have Tomato Basil Cream Chicken and Greek Salad. We thought a sandwich would be better on a night like this. After all its both quick and portable, easy to take with you if needed. We had those great Bagel Sandwiches scheduled for next week with Pasta Salad.  We love them anyway so we made that swap and rode the storms out.

The good news is the storms passed us by. We sat back, watched the weather and just enjoyed our meal.


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