#groceryshopping results for the #menuplan for the week of 4/25/2016 and 5/2/2016

The last several shopping trips we have made have gone quite well. We have been under budget.

Technically this week we were too, if you only look at the menu items for the two weeks (week 1 menu, week 2 menu). However we all know there are incidentals associated with cooking and real life that are not menu items but still should be included with the food budget. Things like paper towels, snacks, dish washing soap, etc. Well this week we had to stock up on a few of those things and ran a little over our budget. It wasn’t a surprise but still has to be accounted for.

Like always, we bought our produce from Sprouts and the other items from Crest Foods. That added up as follows. Sprouts – Produce $36.87, non menu items $6.88. At Crest Menu Items $140.92 non menu items $34.22.

$177.79 – Menu Items
$ 41.10 – Non Menu Items

All told, we ended up $18.89 over our $200 budget. Still not bad when you look at the overall trend for the year. We are still well under budget


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