Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 4/22/2016 @florencesrest #food

The 50th Annual OKC Arts Festval was this week. This is a celebration of visual, culinary, and performing arts.

While we enjoyed the visual and performing arts we went for dinner.


I had a wonderful Bahn mi sandwich. This is a Vietnamese sandwich on a French baguette, delicious aoli, topped with marinated pork, carrots, cilantro and other herbs. Tasty to say the least.


My wife and daughter each had a Gyro sandwich. They love these sandwiches. These were the traditional kind made from soft pita bread wrapped around slowly rotisserie roasted meats (a combination of lamb and beef), onions, lettuce and tomatoes, dressed with a cool tzatziki sauce.


For dessert we enjoyed a Strawberry Newport. This is a staple at the OKC Arts Festival. It is a crispy and tender puff pastry topped with a Vanilla/Almond custard, fresh strawberries and whipped cream.

As good as all of that was the real highlight of the evening for us was the Culinary Arts presentation by Florence’s Restaurant.

Miss Florence and Miss Victoria, her daughter, prepared ham hocks and cabbage with their signature cornbread.

Miss Florence, 85 years young, born in Boley, Oklahoma, was a delight. At one point in the presentation, as she was slicing the cabbage, she said “this knife is about as dull as I am”. So sweet and oh so humble.  You see, every delicious recipe they used for the demo and use at their restaurant are from her mind.

Miss Victoria too was a delight. It was enjoyable to hear her stories of success and failure as she tries to capture the taste and quality of her mother’s home cooking for the restaurant.

Unfortunately,  the oven supplied for the presentation wouldn’t work. However, as any good cook, they had a backup plan, they adjusted to make fried cornbread. It was a resounding success.

In fact, it was all good, really good. To be honest, I was a little afraid to try the cabbage. I’m sure glad my father always made me try new things. WOW! It was good. Oh, they also gave out cinnamon rolls, the same ones they give out for free at breakfast.


How honey is made. Since its #earthday2016.

So I guess I’m still on a honey kick. Yesterday I posted about the possibilities of using honey instead of table sugar in recipes.

Well that got me to thinking, how is honey actually made.  I know, I know, a bee goes to a flower, sucks up nectar, takes it to a hive, and then you have honey. But what really happens? It seems to me the more we understand how our earth works the more we appreciated it and what a wonderful gift it is. Continue reading “How honey is made. Since its #earthday2016.”