Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 4/21/2016 its #healthy

I’ve mentioned before we love Asian food. It seems like it is the perfect food for this time of year. As temperatures rise and the days get longer it seems like we are getting more and more active.  Isn’t it interesting that as you get more active you want lighter meals. For us,  Asian fits the bill. Continue reading “Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 4/21/2016 its #healthy”


Crocked Orange Chicken

This is not your traditional fried restaurant fare. This is a healthier and easier version prepared in a crock pot. The combination of Orange and Ginger really flavor the chicken in a unique way. Top it with mandarin oranges, coconut and green onions and you have a delightful and refreshing entree Continue reading “Crocked Orange Chicken”

Cooking with Honey #food #tips

Recently we had a nice dish that used honey as a sweetener. The dish was Vegetables with Spicy Honey Peanut Sauce and was quite delicious. It was actually quite surprising how sweet it was considering how little honey was actually in the dish. That got me to thinking maybe it would be possible to substitute Honey for Sugar in other dishes. So I started doing research on what would be involved in doing just that. Continue reading “Cooking with Honey #food #tips”