Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 4/13/2016

As we mentioned before its been kinda crazy. So we did not have a chance to do our usual menu planning. By the time we had the menu plan done (for the weeks starting 4/11 and 4/18) it was too late to do any ‘real’ shopping. We knew it would be that way so we picked simpler crock pot meal for this evening and picked up only what we needed for that meal until we could do ‘real’ shopping. We decided Continue reading “Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 4/13/2016”


Menu for Week Starting 4/18/2016

I’m really looking forward to being back on track. There’s nothing like having a plan. It makes life so much simpler. No racking your brain last minute trying to figure out what you have on hand and what you can make out of it.

Sure you may have to make adjustments on the fly. But usually all that amounts to is swapping meals around to different nights. That is soooooo much easier than rummaging around the pantry trying to make something out of nothing.

So without further adieu: Continue reading “Menu for Week Starting 4/18/2016”

Menu for Week Starting 4/11/2016 – #menuplan

Its been kinda crazy. This past weekend we took a road trip and didn’t get back into town until Monday Evening. So we did not have a chance to do our usual menu planning. As a result you you will notice there is nothing scheduled for Monday and we did some impromptu planning/shopping for Tuesday/Wednesday so that we could get back on schedule.  Continue reading “Menu for Week Starting 4/11/2016 – #menuplan”