The perfect first slice of #pie #baking

Have you ever been frustrated that you’ve put all this effort into baking the perfect pie only to be disappointed when you cut the first slice and it breaks apart right in front of your eyes, or worse in front of all your friends? Here’s a little help

This originally came to me as a tweet from Bon Appetit. Here is a link to the original article.

Links tend to disappear over time so here is the gist of the article.

Let It Cool Fully

There’s a practical reason for letting it come to room temperature before cutting into it: The filling will continue to  firm up as it cools. It all adds up to pie that holds its shape when cut and transferred to the plate.

Use the Right Tools

Believe it or not the right tool matters. You need one that can actually get underneath the bottom crust. A stiff metal server will perform better than a flimsy plastic one. Don’t even try to use the same knife that you used to cut into it.

Start Small

Even so: The first slice is going to be messed up, no matter what you do. So make the smallest mess possible. So cut it and have a taste before that first cut in front of everyone. You’ll have cleared the space to tuck your server underneath the second, normal-sized piece.




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